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Cross Country…feel the pain!


I remember when I first started at Orley Farm, today was a day when the nurses had quite a queue for ailments that would hopefully rule pupils out of running the Inter-House X-Counrty!   However, I am delighted to say that there has been quite a shift on this in recent years as pupils have been encouraged to ’embrace’ a bit of pain!  Miss Young often talks about developing mental fitness through physical fitness and the only way to do this is to try pushing your body through those messages that suggest that we should ‘walk’ when it gets a little tough.  Whilst it might not be our term looking at ‘resilience’, it is our term of ‘focus’ and I was really impressed with our children who were able to ‘focus’ the pain out of their mind and reach for that personal best.  I would hope that this might even be a legacy of the Run for Rohan last year…

Tim Calvey