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Reception Nativity


Today 57 of our youngest pupils took to the stage for their first formal performance, standing proud, singing beautifully and all this after a mere 13 weeks in school.  I walked through last week as the rehearsals were in full swing and the visitors were enthralled but also in wonder as they realised the ages of your children!

I love that we still tell this essential story of hope, love and wonder!  For me, this is the perfect start to an Orley life and the perfect pause to reflect on how much can be achieved in a matter of months!  It is also the true start to Christmas.  I do hope that you as parents are as proud as we are with the steps that your children have taken.  Just imagine where their path might be leading!?!  They have worked so hard and the foundations that they are laying in terms of deep learning, understanding and above all, friendship can only pay rise dividends in the future.  I trust that you will all enjoy a well deserved break!

Tim Calvey