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The OFA open the season of goodwill…


Our Christmas Fair is always a wonderful event full of festive cheer…usually fuelled by the mulled wine!?!  However, this year I believe that we found something special that I do hope stands the test of time.  Children coming to see Santa were invited to bring a present that they could help wrap that would bring a little joy to others who might not enjoy the lucky lives that we lead.  Visiting Santa’s Giving Grotto brought such a different take on this event and I know, having spoken to numerous parents, that it opened our eyes to how our children can see this season for what it should be – a time of giving.

The ‘Orley Chorus’, a newly formed staff choir sang beautifully and it was lovely to see the faces of children enthralled hearing their teachers singing so beautifully, no surprise as Miss Toyn had them rehearsing from the early hours!  The Hall was full of wonderful stands and things to do – I avoided having my hair sprayed and nails done this year!

I feel truly indebted to the OFA who brainstorm events and come up with such wonderful ideas that do bring our community together.  But then I shouldn’t really be that surprised because I see your children and the values and creativity that they have…and they are a reflection of you – thank you!  I feel genuinely proud to be a part of this school…the Christmas Season has begun!

Tim Calvey