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Beanbag Cheer!



After just a few days there were already examples of behaviour worthy of a nomination this morning.

The weather has not been overly kind to us since the start of term so it must mean that the rugby season has begun! Following rather a soaking on the field everyone was keen to get back inside but the equipment was not going to carry itself and kindly a volunteer stepped forward to help…it was so wet that Mr Slaughter was not even sure who it was but there is evidence in the photograph, thank you Ishaan!

Compiling entertainment for the class in the form of a pop quiz for 5R, Anaya demonstrated her Initiative and Creativity. Helping sort out the chairs after rehearsals and a huge change of effort and attitude towards games also helped to make sure the first cheer of the term was a loud one…somehow though some pupils still managed to escape the lens…

Mrs Mitchell