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Form of the Week prize now has an extra incentive…The Middle School and Upper School trophies are at stake! For the first time this week they were awarded thanks to the creativity of the DT department and the excitement was clear.  Well done to 4W and 7S who claimed the prize.

Zainali, Year 8, was the Effort Award Winner of the week with 12 4 grades and the House Competition was tied as Hastings and Broadrick both came in with 398 points.

Beanbag Cheer nominations included recognition for spontaneous, practical help, and the very real decision to live out our Risk-Taking theme. Our pupils often take on challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zone and this week Arav (Year 8) has shown strength of character, Ambition and ultimately Good Judgement.

Sometimes there are days and weeks that define our pupils and this week there have been journeys for so many as they make decisions about their future and show Resilience and Empathy for others along the way.

As USA inaugurates it’s 45th President on an historic day there have been celebrations and triumphs for our pupils too.

Nicola Mitchell