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Hard work and success..


It was a bumper week this week with a  record number of 5 grades being awarded for effort.  Clearly there was something in the water as the effort grades in general were excellent.

Olivia G and Jaian S took the prize for Hero of the Week with 12 4 grades each.

Forms of the week were: Upper School 5D and Middle School 4W

Top of the Pops remain Hastings with 413 points.  Their rise from 4th to 1st has been stratospheric but for how long will it continue?

In addition to the superb effort scores the children have continued to impress with their demonstrations of the School Values and Thinking Skills. Amongst others, nominations were received for Aarav for a musically themed joke to Mr Evans on a cold wintery duty, Raunak’s infectious positivity,  Tom and Jordan both for showing kindness and care towards younger pupils, Rithik for going out of his way to help a teacher and Venika and Annisa for the very appropriate gift of a poem to Mrs Leacock.

During what is a very busy time for our pupils it is reassuring that they continue to work hard and apply themselves with such positivity and enthusiasm.  Well done to all.

Nicola Mitchell