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An inspiring message delivered with passion…recycle


This week started with a very impressive assembly led and and delivered by Shyan Shah that was designed to provoke all of us into action regarding the sustainability of our current lives and our desire for throw away convenient packaging…our oceans are being suffocated!  Here are some sad numbers from his research through Sky Data, UNEP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation:

  • The world uses over 300 million tonnes of plastic a year
  • By 2050 the amount of plastic in the oceans could weigh more than the entire fish population
  • You’ll eat 8.3 pieces of plastic in the average oyster
  • 34% of us regulars put plastic in the non-recycling bin
  • Less than 50% of plastic bottles are recycled in the UK
  • 96% of plastic bottles are recycled in Norway

It was a very powerful presentation that was extremely well researched and delivered with real passion and everything was inspired by dad coming home with a water bottle and the story of a company that no longer accepts employees bringing disposable water bottles to work…it’s time for a revolution.  Thank you Shyan, this will be your world one day and legacy is something that all of us ought to think a little more about ahead of convenience…

Tim Calvey