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Maths Day…creates quite a stir…


Hot on the heels of Book Week today saw pupils take on the challenge of Maths Day.  There was a real sense of purpose as Middle and Upper School embraced the puzzles dotted around the Yard and St George’s Hall over the course of the morning.  It was lovely to hear the pupils discussing with passion their solutions and to see how they tackled Maths in a very different setting. During the afternoon Years 3-8 had 5 minutes to complete a 240 question Mental Maths Challenge and Year 2 were treated to a Maths Dance workshop.

Can you solve the Puzzle of the Day?

In a DIY shop:

The cost of 2 is £1.20,

The cost of 18 is £2.40,

The cost of 144 is £3.60.

What are you buying?

Karen Harrison