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Beanbag Cheer!


It was an interesting sight that greeted SGH this morning… a variety of Harry Potters, Where’s Wally, Disney princesses, spies, villains and an incredible George Pig where amongst all sorts of other characters together with a particularly glorious Marge Simpson..

The pupils who stood to be congratulated for their effort grades gave everyone a good costume display and it was a particular delight to see Violet, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, standing up for effort (probably for the first time!).  Heroes of the week were Rishi and Arjun (Year 7) both with 13 4 grades.

All these contributions led to the following scores:

Broadrick 468

Hastings 425

Julians 425

Hopkins 408

Form of the Week:  Upper School 7c, Middle School 3T

Beanbag Cheers  – and once again too many escaped, included Stephanie for displaying natural and genuine empathy and care towards another pupil and Rhea for total dedication and commitment to a cause.

The Thinking Skills at Orley Farm run true and deep through all the children and it is with some trepidation that am taking a big Risk-taking leap into the unknown in September.  What I do know though, is that Mr Calvey’s words to last year’s leavers about Orley Farm running like a stick of rock through them for ever more will certainly be the case for me too!

Nicola Mitchell