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Headmaster’s Commendation


Today I was joined by Yuvraj and Chaitanya who had brought two very different pieces of work with them but both linked in their focus on the past and English…

Yuvraj has been studying WWII and brought a very personal account to this topic via his Great Grandfather who fought in Northern Africa and the Pacific.  He was so animated when he described the details that he had researched and there was real pride in his stories.  The quality and quantity of this project are staggering and I was so impressed – Well done Yuvraj!


Last week we had a staff meeting in the English classrooms to reflect on the progress of our Yr 6 pupils and Mr Perry insisted that I stay behind to see some work that his class are doing on the life of William Shakespeare.  Chaitanya had decided to take things literally in his quest to bring things to life by building a bust of the great man…what a great way to engage with your work!  In addition, it has made Mr Perry’s classroom quite a shrine to a genius with a quill!  Well done Chaitanya, your Art skills are as impressive as your English ones…

Tim Calvey