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Headmaster’s Commendation


Wow, today started very seriously as I was confronted by two very articulate Yr7 pupils who have been studying life in Britain in the 1200s with John on the throne and the country in disarray.  This ended with the signing of the Magna Carta and foundations being laid in how a modern democracy could work.  Jay and Sabeh have produced some outstanding modern equivalents, asking pertinent questions of me as to the running of our Orley Farm democracy – much food for thought!

Again, the Classics department is tackling the very challenging topic of cases and how to remember the differences between them.  Yuvraj turned to technology and programmed, using ‘Scratch’, a sequence to understand the different cases whilst Aryan created a website to help him and others learn the same lessons.  Well done Yuvraj and Aryan…


Jaian really took Big Maths to heart creating a combination of equation genius with artistic composition – Mrs Cliffe was so impressed that she has put this mammoth work of art in her office as an inspirational installation…I suspect that Jaian’s parents are quietly thankful as their house is already exploding with life size origami creations!  On the same subject, Sophie and Saanvi found creative ways to tackle the same problem by making boardgames.  Clearly, Maths Day had a fantastic effect upon these young minds…

Dev is preparing for the Westminster Challenge, some of the hardest scholarship papers in the land and was asked to describe a ‘Journey’.  He wrote an exceptional piece based on his journey through Orley Farm School from his start in Reception as a four year old to the trials and tribulations of his final year – a stunning piece of writing.  Well done Dev!

Aarin and Aadam joined me to show me the extraordinary work that they have done working with Mr Evans on editing a video on E-Safety.  They had to sync the music, words and footage using several software packages demonstrating creativity as well as skill – well done boys, I suspect that Sky or the BBC might well be calling…!

Tim Calvey