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Middle School Spring Concert


This evening I attended a wonderful evening of music and poetry performed by the pupils of Middle School and whilst the weather might not know this, we can now safely say that Spring has sprung!  There was such energy and enthusiasm and all of this at the back end of another demanding term.

I was truly in awe of the levels and standards reached by everyone, from soloists to choirs, ensembles to recitals, everyone stepped up with beaming smiles and gave their best.  I always love that initial look of apprehension mixed with a little surge of excitement followed by that smile that is hidden in the bow…that smile says…

I did it!

I cannot think of better experiences to put into the lives of such young learners and I know that you as parents will have been equally as proud.  As I said on the night, this level of performance does not simply happen, your children put in hours of practice and this is yet another lifeskill that is so necessary but appearing to be more and more of a rarity in modern life.

Miss Toyn led her final Spring Concert and what a perfect evening it was!  Thank you Heather, your legacy is long reaching – as you said, we have record levels in the String Ensemble…and a passion and joy for this subject.

Tim Calvey