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Year 5 Showcase…The BFG


Tonight we were treated to a wonderfully live performance of The BFG that had improvisation, Fab Fives, dancing and full ownership of a very large stage.  Every Year 5 pupil played their parts and all of this after only one day to pull it together.  Mrs Gascoigne hates me describing this as my favourite evening in the drama calendar as I made the mistake one year in saying that it had a raw character to it!  However, what I meant was that pupils have to be able to react to each other and even props going in different directions and I always believe that this is more true to life.

Year 5 certainly dealt with everything tonight, even a pair of curtains that beat Mrs Gascoigne and me…ears that flopped off, props that weren’t where they were supposed to be and a host more ‘live’ issues but they did so with a smile and a willingness to make the best of it…absolute credit to them and I am so proud of them for being so confident to tackle anything and to find their voices…well done…

…I have no doubt that both Mrs Gascoigne and the entire Year 5 Team will also have seen something different your children tonight…

Tim Calvey