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Winner of the 2017 London Fourth Plinth Competition


Mrs Walsh has every reason to feel very proud of her department today as Art is a winner!  Year 7 and 8 pupils were invited to submit artwork to go forward to the 2017 London Fourth Plinth Competition.  We were invited to attend a ceremony at City Hall as a pupil had had a piece of work taken forward.

There were over 4000 entries and Finlay’s sculpture, entitled ‘Splat’, had won the 12 to 15 year old category.  The sculpture depicts a pigeon impaled with a stiletto heal.  At first it was thought that this was a controversial post modern statement about how pigeons have been chased out of our capital city in a bid to follow fashion.  However, the artist informed the school this morning:

…people think that art always has inspirational meaning behind it…this was just a fun bit of sculpture!

Finlay Year 8

Mrs Walsh should be doubly proud as whilst we were at the prize giving event, Anaya, who left us last year to attend St. Helen’s won a group prize…well done Finlay, Anaya and Mrs Walsh for their creativity, risk-taking and resilience!

Tim Calvey