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Year 8 Narrative Poetry Afternoon


This afternoon, we were treated to a few hours of genuine talent with our current Year 8 pupils taking to the stage to bring poetry to life.  It was so engaging and great to see as the boys worked together in two groups creating scenes using only their voices, words and quite a lot of very creative choreography keeping the audience captives in spite of the sweltering temperatures!  I was very fortunate to have caught the rehearsals beforehand, as in my experience one viewing is simply not enough to take in how complex and clever the storytelling actually is!

The poetry was interspersed with solo recitals as well as musical interludes.  I truly love these events as you can see the enjoyment as well as tension on their faces as something comes together from what appears to be nothing.  Clearly, this is not the case as Mrs Gascoigne has had these classes working on this in their respective drama lessons but there is always a need for that little spark of improvisation…making it rather lifelike and very real.  A great way to get to the half term break, well done boys…and well done Mrs Gascoigne!

Tim Calvey