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Post election blues? Well read on..


In a year that has seen us BREXIT…Trump and now a hung parliament…can I suggest that we might turn to Pre Prep in order to learn some invaluable lessons.  A few weeks ago, leaders were elected, manifestos published and campaigns started.  They stacked up as follows and I would suggest that the parties might well have been offering things that our National counterparts  could learn from:

  • Adventure Playground Party
  • Outdoor Activities Party
  • Bring a Toy Party
  • Extra Golden Time Party
  • Arts & Craft Party
  • Longer Playtime Party

Posters were printed, speeches made and interviews held before voters headed to the polls.  Last night staff were involved in late night counting and exit polls suggested something of a landslide that would have to wait until the early hours to be confirmed.  I was delighted to join Pre Prep Assembly to announce the winners…congratulations to…

the Bring a Toy Party…

We celebrated democracy as this party won by taking a 56% slice of the electorate…which incidentally had a 100% turnout!  However, before I say that all is rosy in the Orley Farm Garden…I understand that controversy followed.  Those voting were under the impression that ‘Bring a Toy Party’…were promising that any toy could be brought into school.  It turns out that there is a little small print…Ipads are not ‘toys’, in fact what constitutes a toy needs some clarity.

So what can we take from this outcome?  Well, just perhaps we shouldn’t believe everything that we are told, and perhaps we need to do our own research…good lessons for youngsters to learn now…and just perhaps they might avoid some mistakes that us adults can and do make!

I hope that this little story brings a little cheer on a complicated day!

Tim Calvey