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Year 1 touch the past


Today started with huge excitement as three classes walked hand in hand to the front of the school to find a double-decker bus…I don’t think that I’ve felt such a surge of energy in my life!  Can I also confess that I didn’t sleep that well due to this being the first school trip that I have been able to join for four years…I need to get out more!

Year 1 were simply amazing, and their passion and interest in this topic was visible at every turn.  From the workshops that we attended to the touring of the dinosaur rooms, I was staggered with the information, knowledge and understanding that they already came with – as were the museum staff who commented upon this level of understanding in such young pupils.  I can only thank the entire Year 1 team and you as parents for fuelling this enthusiasm.

Enjoy the attached photos that are a tiny glimpse into the day…I loved it…and I will be sure to sign up to the next Pre Prep school trip as it was a privilege and joy to watch learning in action…

Tim Calvey