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5 Peak Challenge…comes to a close!


Today saw our final sporting event in the ‘Big Five’ come to a dramatic close!  The Middle School Swimming Gala was a wonderful way to celebrate all that your children manage to achieve as they throw themselves into life, both in and out of the classroom.  It is a wonder that at the end of demanding year, they are still diving into a pool as though their lives depend upon it – that is commitment to a greater cause in the shape of the House Cup…

I ought to add that this commitment is reflected in you as parents as it seems that most of you have almost been camping out in the school with the amount of time that you have given in supporting the multitude of school events over the past fortnight – thank you!

The scores literally ebbed and flowed with 74 races that culminated in the relay races.  These same relay races were filled with controversy last week as over 5 teams were disqualified from Upper School.  However, Middle School could teach a thing or two to older siblings as none of the Houses jumped the gun.  The winning team was Hopkins who received the House Cup from Mr Perry, our principle guest today.  I would like to also thank Mr Perry who took our photos this afternoon…

I want to offer a huge ‘thank you’ to the six Games Staff who have each led and coordinated an event over the past five days.  Putting on these competitions is so important as it offers everyone a chance to grow in a way that cannot happen in a classroom.  Mr Lewis, thank you for organising this Gala but thank you to you all, to come back from Exped Week and to go straight into our 5 Peak Challenge, says a great deal about you and your department…thank you!

Tim Calvey