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A sense of perspective…


I was lucky enough to be invited to join Yr6 to a practical masterclass focused on perspective…always appropriate for adults to have from time to time!  The Art department has been awash with images of urban scenes as Mrs Walsh has encouraged Upper School pupils to look more closely at their immediate environments.  Therefore having the opportunity to view the Piccadilly Line from the tube walkover and capturing the sense of perspective was a lovely firsthand experience that resulted in some stunning observational studies.

Orley being Orley, we also conducted a quick study on the wellbeing and happiness levels of TFL staff…train drivers who waved were rated as happy and content in their work, those who gave us a toot were held up as role models and batteries of positivity and those who ignored us…we agreed we would wish happy thoughts for…funnily enough, nobody ignored us, so hopefully we brought a little sunshine their way!

Tim Calvey