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Mr Baker discovers treasure…


Over the holidays during routine work in the grounds, Rob Baker and his team were working in the meadow when they discovered what appears to be a very old coin.  Naturally work stopped and the find was passed to Year 3 to investigate…today, armed with small trowels and brushes, pupils returned to the site and might well have literally struck gold!

Coins, beads, glazed tiles and all manner of artefacts were unearthed.  Speculation is getting out of hand with all sorts of stories as to how and why such treasures might be in our meadow.  Luckily Miss Carter, possibly related to Howard(!?!) has links to experts in this field and she is contacting them once pupils have catalogued the find…it certainly livened up my day and I am looking forward to following this exciting find…

…Year 3 parents, do ask your children about a very unusual day at school!

Tim Calvey