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Headmaster’s Commendation


The History department has clearly capitalised on the fast approaching anniversary of the Battle of Hastings back in 1066…asking Yr7 pupils to create a ‘Top Trumps’ game based on the leading figures and their respective strengths and weaknesses.  The results are extraordinary and would easily hold their own on the shelves of any gaming shop.  However, the content is remarkable, reflecting the research that has been conducted.


Congratulations to Chaitanya, Jamie, Sam, William and Alex for creating some truly outstanding work!


Whilst I realise that this term is all about initiative, I have to say that the creativity on display is pretty inspiring.  The Science department set the challenge of constructing a cell to show the structure and key parts in whatever format pupils wanted to chose.  There have been cakes, biscuits, models and a multitude of alternative ways, all beating that dull textbook version that we all know from our school days!  James came in to show me what can only be described as a ‘structure’ depicting the differences between plant and animal cells!  Well done James, I suspect that this belongs in the Science Museum…

And finally, Krishna came to see me following a music lesson with Mr Ford.  They were embarking on developing compositions and the use of semi and demi quavers…Krishna led the way with exploring the meaning of pace and tempo…well done!