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Headmaster’s Commendation


Today we certainly celebrated creativity and innovation.  Aadam took a mountain of media from our Vertical Mentoring Assembly on Wednesday and put the pledges to a soundtrack that was used to open our Celebration Assembly this morning.  I suspect that Aadam will find a career in media as this is not his first project that has been used by the school…I fear the royalties bill arriving shortly!  Well done Aadam, very professional.

Following some wonderful prep returns a few weeks ago related to plant cell models, the Science department has inspired some highly accurate ‘animal cell’ structures that feature all manner of materials to describe the parts that make up the cell.  Well done to Aryan, Sameer and Chaitanya…

And finally, I was invited into the library to view a new display sponsored by the Geography department showcasing architecture designed to withstand earthquakes.  Mrs Thornton has led a truly challenging topic that incorporates weather studies with design.  I was fascinated by the way that Chaitanya, Alex and Jaian had tackled this highly complex subject.  Ideas ranged from using springs to counterweights, absorbent materials to flexible structures; all very topical considering global changes in weather and the extremes that we are now seeing.  Well done gentlemen, the world feels safer already…

Tim Calvey