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Super Stan to the rescue…


Tonight was our final performance of ‘The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan’, a racy pacy play written for Year 6 but delivered by our Year 4!  The dialogue was hilarious with moments that had the cast literally struggling to contain themselves but hanging on that professional edge.  I went from tears of utter laughter to moments of real emotion – the 2 solos sung by Samih and Aditi were quite heartfelt as they looked for the strength to fight the evil villain.  But the test of any production has to be the full involvement of the cast whether delivering a punchline or adding to the scene from the sideline – believing in your role creates authenticity and Year 4…you had that in shovel loads!


Chorus, you sang your hearts out and gave real depth to the songs and I couldn’t help noticing your enjoyment as you watched from the sidelines…that’ll be you next year!  A number of parents mentioned the distance travelled by your children since their arrival.  Casting your mind back to their time in Reception, you realise just how much they take on and how they thrive through that challenge.  I genuinely don’t think that I have laughed like that in a very long time, thank you Middle School, you really did give us an evening to remember.  I would like to congratulate the Middle School Team and especially Mr Ford and Mrs Gascoigne for aiming for the stars and lighting up a cold night for us all!

Tim Calvey