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3 Seconds…it’ll really make you think!


Today, we were moved to action in an assembly from our Eco Team who introduced us to the impact of 3 seconds in 24 hours upon this planet of ours…if we, as a species, are going to make it to the 4th second, then we will need to make changes to the way that we think about and treat the precious resources of this amazing planet.  Thank you to Mrs Thornton and the Eco Team who delivered a truly thought provoking assembly – I would encourage every family to sit down and watch the following clip that they used to close their assembly:

Miss Bridges then arranged for Mr Shah, a member of the Sky Team to come and talk to us about the way that a company can use their influence to bring about effective change.  However, it’s easy for a media company to shine a light on an issue, they need to then turn this into action.  So it was fascinating to hear how a vision can distilled into actual day to day actions that will make a difference.

Some of you might remember how Shyan introduced this initiative last year (read more) and changes have already come through this but having his father return allowed me to reflect on how important it is to keep a story going!  Thank you Mr Shah, we are looking at the pledges that the Eco Team made and seeing whether we can make them whole school actions.

Tim Calvey