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Christmas Concert…


…this is the event that suggests that Christmas is really upon us!  Clearly, the Christmas Fair paves the way warming our bodies with a touch of mulled wine but tonight warms the very soul.  I knew that we were in trouble as we released tickets using a new ticketing system and found ourselves 50 short – thank you for your patience and to Mr Davies for seeing St. George’s Hall as a giant game of ‘tetris’!

However, I do hope that any frustration quickly melted away as your children thrilled us with a Christmas set that truly wowed us!  I realise that having a concert at the very end of a long and challenging term will test everyone but to see the fruits of the rehearsals, the constant practice squeezed into evenings of prep and hobbies, the commitment to be part of a quartet, choir, band or orchestra – all come together on an evening like this to remind us of the power of music.

I was thoroughly entertained this evening in a way that genuinely moved me.  I am in awe of anyone who is able to risk everything, standing up to perform in front of a large audience trusting in their own abilities but more importantly the hours behind the scenes – there is a lesson in resilience that every performer tonight will take with them making them that little bit stronger for tomorrow!  Congratulations to Mr Ford and his team, to you as proud parents but especially to your children for stepping up and taking us to a magical place for a couple of hours on what would otherwise have been a cold and dreary day!

Tim Calvey