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The Nativity Story comes to Orley…’Manger Mouse’!


I have walked past St. George’s Hall on a number of occasions over the past week and heard the buzz from Reception children as they prepare and rehearse for their moment on stage.  Their faces have literally been alive with the excitement but that paled into insignificance today as they performed to you!

Who would have thought that 60 children could come together 12 weeks ago from 40 different nurseries to tell a story of wonder, grace and love!  This production represents so much more than what was on display this morning – think of the leaps that your children have made, both in and out of the classroom with their numeracy and literacy on one hand but also their friendships and relationships on another.  I felt genuine joy watching them proudly stepping up to tell you a very special story.

I have no doubt that you will have been proud and even a little emotional watching them…I wonder where these steps are going to lead…there might even be a West End actor or actress who found their voice here today…

It has been a privilege to watch your children come so far in such a short space of time.  Have a wonderful Christmas break, full of love and wonder.

Tim Calvey