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A cracking good start…!


Before half term we passed on a cheque to GOSH following a year of fundraising to make a difference to the lives of families who face extraordinary health challenges.  Over half term, 11 pupils wrote extraordinary letters suggesting charities that we could follow in the coming year – and I would like to thank those pupils for their time, thought and willingness to make a positive difference to the world around us.

However, having spoken to Mrs Brown’s family we feel that we would like to support a charity that was close to her heart.  Wellbeing and mental health have always been at the very centre of our educational philosophy – happy people learn, it’s that simple.

Place2Be, is a charity that works in school settings to provide the support that ought to be available to every pupil, teacher and parent.  We will all face challenges in our lives and Place2Be looks to offer early intervention to skill young learners in being able to make better sense of their feelings.  Please do click on the link below to find out more about their work:



Every year, we start our new appeal by opening the giving page with a modest sum and Mr Davies loves to entice us into wanting to hear a little more…

Mr Davies said that this would be like a spa salon experience...

Mr Calvey

So…last week Mr Davies invited staff to pay £5 for the chance to experience a spa treatment…naturally he was inundated with willing volunteers.  However, on the day we discovered that this luxury experience had a lottery element to it.

Mr Davies had hardboiled 5 eggs but left the remaining one raw and runny.  Yr8 pupils were invited to join the experience by offering to crack their chosen egg on the head of their chosen teacher.  Clearly, arms had to be twisted as no Orley pupil would want to do such a thing, although Serian and Leo looked a little too keen…

The moment came to find out who had got lucky…

…and would you believe it, Mr Chatzianastasiou struck gold…or should I say…yolk!

Mr Chatzianastasiou has already reported that his hair is feeling replenished, soft, smooth and healthy from root to tip…in fact he is considering making this part of his daily hair regime…

Please do click on the link above to see more of Karen’s story.

Thank you to Mr Davies for kickstarting our new focus…I have a feeling that Mrs Brown would have enjoyed our assembly this morning and would certainly be proud of our aims to highlight and improve mental health and wellbeing, through supporting her charity.

Tim Calvey