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Headmaster’s Question Time


At 8.30am this morning, there was a call at the Headmaster’s front door. When Mr Calvey opened it, he was greeted by a panel of passionate pupils who were keen to discuss ways in which Orley Farm School could reach out and support its local community.

One of the amazing things about our pupils is their capacity to think of other people less fortunate than themselves and this morning was a prime example of that. Today’s questions all came from the children and Mr Calvey was blown away by the sincerity, passion and ideas from the panel.



Question 1 from Inara in Year 4


We have traditionally collected for food banks through our Harvest Festival but to be honest this started fall away in interest until pupils got involved.  This suggestion of collecting more than once a year is a good one especially as more and more families are becoming more reliant on Food Banks – as the following questions were asked…a plan emerged, do read further!

Question 2 from Anushka in Year 5


We have run litter picking groups around the school before but I like this suggestion a lot as we need to reach out of our own bubble – South Hill Avenue is a lovely road but it’s not a typical road.  As we head to the South Harrow Tube station, this is where we need to be making a real difference and as was pointed out, if people see us caring about our area, they might care too.

Question 3 from Rohan in  Year 7


This is a lovely idea and as we talked we started to think about pairing this with the first point.  As part of one of our themed collections, we could look at collecting blankets, clothing, sleeping bags etc to make a difference in another area of need, especially as the weather draws in.

Question 4 from Oliver in Year 7


We currently visit older members of our community through our Edge Programme but we could extend this into a closer partnership inviting them to our plays, concerts and other performances.  however, it would also be good to build this partnership as we could learn a great deal about our community and how it was and how it has changed through listening to them and hearing their stories…another great outcome from this discussion.

Question 5 from Krishan in Year 8


And our final point here really did complete the circle as we looked at linking this to our first point – there will be countless children in hospital over various holiday and festival periods and perhaps our third collection could be for mini treats linked to that season or festival to brighten the lives of others at that time.

Well done to the representatives from the school council who brought these points together.  I know that I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and the discussion that unfolded really did lead to some actions that can start immediately.  I am going to recommend that we perhaps cease the various party debates on TV and put you guys up there to discuss and then action changes and improvements as I feel that all government parties might just learn a thing or two about how to ‘debate’ when looking for the common good!

Tim Calvey