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Old Girls Return!


I miss Orley so much…it’s been great to come back and see everyone.  I remember doing this last year and hearing amazing stories from the older girls to it was good to have our turn!


Before we broke up for the Half Term break, Miss Hehir invited the Year 7 girls to return to Orley Farm for an informal handover and sharing of ideas.  Miss Hehir set this up a few years ago and it’s a wonderful opportunity for our recent leavers to share invaluable reflections with our Year 6 girls as they prepare for the 11+ process.


It was great catching up with everyone...nobody's changed!

Whilst the girls were playing dodgeball, another benefit of the event was for parents to talk to each other about their experiences of the different schools as well as offer advice – all too often parents probably get tired of the messaging from me as the Headmaster and so I do hope that this was useful for you to…

It would have been good to have a glass of wine…

No, this wasn’t a comment from a pupil…this was said by a Year 7 mum…I won’t add the name!  A huge thank you to Miss Hehir for organising this with a week to go before she is due!  I know that a great deal of good can and will come from it.

Getting the best start...

And finally, a lovely observation that Miss Godet noted was the confidence that our girls felt in their studies.  Whilst the 11+ process essentially focuses on the extremely narrow band of English and Maths, our girls talked a great deal about how far ahead they feel, especially in Science, French and Classics…hidden benefits in our rounded and wholistic focus to education.

Tim Calvey