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The Perfect Day for our Christmas Fair


As Chetan and Lana always say…if you come to the OFA we’ll book the weather and today was glorious sunshine with just the right edge to tell us that winter is here!


There is so much happening on a day like this but I would like to pause and just write about the children who decided to run stalls.  The creativity that they show in putting together a plan to entice visitors to their stalls to engage in something from a skill based game to making and decorating, from recycling and up-cycling to lucky dips, there was something for everyone!

They had to think about their impact with their chosen charity and in so doing, know that they are fortunate.  To be able to make a positive difference in the world, whilst enjoying yourself is a success criteria that we ought to apply to everything that we do!

As one parent pointed out, this is better than The Apprentice because there’s real learning happening as they work out how to pull people to their stands, understand their costs and best of all, there’s smiles not arguments!  A big thank you to Miss Addinall for helping organise this part of the day.

G&T offered festive cheer

Our Chamber Choir then brought a little wonder and meaning as they sang carols in the Quad performing acapella – beautiful!  I loved watching the faces of young children and adults as the group gave us all reason to pause.

Beyond the bustle of the stalls, Father Christmas and his wonderful helpers were making sure that wishes might be granted…provided that everyone is good!  Thank you to the Reception Team for putting this together.  There were visitors to Orley who were blown away by the welcome and wonder!


And finally, a huge thank you to the OFA Team once again for bringing our community together, it was a truly lovely day…and on a personal note, thank you to the Yr5 stall holders who brought a little ‘bling’ to my life…

Tim Calvey