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Victorian School Life


Yesterday, our Year 2 children went back in time and became ‘Victorians’ for the day.

Lessons began with the handing out of chalk and pieces of slate to write on, with the learning focused on the 3 R’s of Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.



The teachers were very strict and if you were not working hard enough you would face some harsh punishments – especially from Mr Jeffrey! You were expected to copy huge amounts of information from the board and you were not allowed a break until all of your work had been done.



Some children were extremely well wrapped up with layers of clothing. Others were wearing hats to keep them warm as the classroom was bitterly cold with no central heating. Many of the children complained of chilly hands as they were writing down their numbers. Mr Richards told them that they were lucky to be attending school and to stop complaining.

There were many rules to follow, with some children scared to question anything their teacher had said. Despite this, there was some fantastic learning taking place and, secretly, the teachers were very happy with their classes.

The children have really enjoyed learning about Victorian Times and have produced some amazing work over the course of this term – well done Year 2!!