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Hope, love and wonder!


Our Christmas Message!

On our final day of term, our Reception pupils retold a story that took place over 2000 years ago – the birth of a most extraordinary person who brought light, warmth and love into a world that needed it then and continues to need it more than ever today.


Our theme for our Christmas Celebration at Harrow that evening was simply ‘Bethlehem Town’.  As I reflected on this for my message to the school, I thought about our identity, what makes us the people we are?  Is it our place of birth, our homeland, our roots?

This reminded me of a story that I came across last year when researching Christmas gifts for Mrs Calvey!  I believe that Ellaha’s journey below, suggests that we can sometimes think too hard about our birthplace as having a significance that can divide us – rather than unite us!  I love this story:




At our Christmas celebration I wanted to find another message especially as this was the day that the country went to the polls.  There has been unrivalled division over the past couple of years as some of us seek to rediscover our identity, whilst others want to grow our identity.  Whatever our feelings, it would be worth reflecting on Bethlehem Town over 2000 years ago.  There was oppression, a superpower was trying to hold onto control of areas that were not home, there were leaders filled with self-interest and I have no doubt that there was ‘fake news’!

So, what’s changed?  Well, a remarkable man was born and regardless of anybody’s faith, background or beliefs, Jesus brought a message of hope and love that is as powerful today as it was back then.  I have included the following faith song that I first heard at Christ Church, Roxeth.  It’s an invitation to the table and as we all gather over the coming break around our family tables, I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas break, full of love hope and wonder…Happy Christmas from your Orley Farm Family.



I have thoroughly enjoyed the end of term and the messages that we have found in the various events always offer new ways to see our wonderful world!  The clips below were taken from our Christmas Celebration.  A huge thank you to the Music Department who filled a political day with such promise, hope and wonder!


Tim Calvey