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Rock Bottom!


Middle School brought some wonderful humour to an appreciative audience in their final performance of ‘Rock Bottom’ – The Prehistorical Hysterical Stone Age Rock Musical!

As the title suggests, some of the humour was at the lower end and having watched the dress rehearsal with Pre Prep, they found certain elements and particularly the sound effects to be all too much for them!  It was credit to the actors that they managed to hold it together themselves.

On this note, we invited all of the Year 4 pupils from the Grange Primary School to also join us  yesterday and it was a privilege to hear their feedback – I only wish that our pupils could have spent more time with them as it was a little moment of wonder.  It made me realise how blessed we are to have the opportunities that we have – The West End came to South Harrow!

As I said tonight, the pupils were quite amazing – having completed another term of learning, represented the school in Hockey and Football and given their all across the board, it’s absolute credit to them to be able to step onto a stage and to bring such energy and commitment.  There were some lovely lines and songs that described the need to try, try and try again as things don’t always go to plan but the ability to change and adapt is key…as well as having amazing friends around you!  The future is certainly bright and sparky!

I would like to thank Miss Harris for another lovely backdrop, Mr Birdi and Miss Gentles for light & sound, Mr Ford for the energy in the singing and Mrs Gascoigne for directing another wonderful night out.  However, I would like to thank our pupils for throwing themselves into the every moment on that stage – you inspire all of us!

Tim Calvey