Middle School

Orley Farm Middle School, Years 3 & 4, aims to provide pupils with an enriching means of bridging the gap between Pre-Prep and Upper School.  A dedicated team of teachers carefully nurture authentic relationships based upon mutual respect and genuine care.  These relationships are the key to the Middle School’s success as pupils and teachers work together in setting extremely high standards relevant for each child.

For most of the academic curriculum, children in Years 3 and 4 are taught by their class teachers.  However, in Year 3 Music, Computer Science, French, PE and Games are taught by subject specialists and in Year 4, Science joins the specialist list. 

Middle School’s vibrant atmosphere is enhanced by the integration of extra-curricular activities, participation in assemblies, concerts and sporting endeavours.  In addition visits and visitors enhance and enliven our curriculum during the year.  At the end of the academic year Expeditions Week sees Year 3 enjoying a variety of activities based in the school grounds as well as day trips to appropriate settings.  Year 4 head out on a fully residential trip to an activity centre.  Here they benefit from different experiences and surroundings.  It is a fitting climax to the busy and lively year in Middle School.

Overall the Middle School provides children with a caring environment where they are increasingly challenged and encouraged to develop their independence in preparation for a departure from ‘Class Teaching’ to a more senior model of ‘Subject Teaching’ in which they visit specialists for all of their classes.  These transitional years are essential preparation for change and adaptation, skills that will be ever more necessary in future life!