Upper School

In Years 5 to 8 pupils are encouraged to become more independent as they make the most of our excellent facilities whilst working towards their entry exams for future schools.   However, children are not simply prepared for moving on to their senior school, but they are nurtured and encouraged to develop as individuals, with a wide range of strengths and interests.

The Upper School has a very positive and caring atmosphere, where all pupils are encouraged to live out the ‘Orley Farm School Values’.  The progress and well-being of all pupils are closely monitored through regular academic and pastoral meetings.  

Year 5 are based next door to Middle School but they are encouraged to develop their independence within a supportive environment and their lessons are taught by subject specialists.  Thinking Skills is an important addition to the curriculum in this year group as the children are encouraged to think independently and use their minds in a variety of different ways.  Preparation for pre-tests and entry tests is also covered by the incorporation of verbal and non-verbal reasoning within the plans.

In Years  7 and 8 Form Teachers stay with their pupils for two years to support pupils through their exams.  Older pupils in the school are encouraged to take responsibility and act as role models for the younger children. 

Children in the Upper School are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way and to push themselves in all aspects of school life.  Music, sport and drama play a very large part in life at Orley Farm.  There are House and inter-form music competitions, orchestras, choirs and ensembles, as well as a very large number of individual instrumental lessons.  Boys and girls play inter-school fixtures in a wide range of sports, as well as a large number of House matches.  Upper School events during the year include musical concerts, sporting events, verse speaking competitions, drama productions and an art festival. The Expeditions Week in June sees pupils travel to places such as Devon, the Isle of Wight, North Wales and France.

The Upper School provides all pupils with a large number of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom.  Great care is taken to ensure that their time at Orley Farm is a positive and successful one, allowing each individual child to make progress in as many areas as possible and fulfil their potential.