At Orley Farm School, we aim to realise every pupil’s potential with a dedication to participation and performance. We commit fully to both curricular and extra-curricular activities that provide pupils with opportunities that help to motivate and engage in a lifelong commitment to physical activity. We aim to raise achievement and self-esteem by giving every pupil the opportunity to enjoy and participate in a wide range of sporting activities to the best of their ability in order to prolong lifelong participation.

Physical Education has a unique contribution to make to the overall development of the students in terms of personal, social and physical attributes. Pupils will experience a Physical Education curriculum which continually stresses the true value of sporting involvement and physical activity.

Within our department, our aims are:

  • to developing positive attitudes, encouraging a sense of responsibility to oneself and others as individuals, whilst generating a sense of fairness, honest involvement and good behaviour
  • to ensure safe participation, recognising and following relevant rules, laws, codes, etiquette and safety procedures for different activities
  • to promote healthy and positive lifestyles through physical activity

The PE Department