Year 6 Edge

Domestic Skills

Pupils will be taught some basic household and personal skills.

  • Hosting a meal
  • Ironing and shoe polishing
  • Basic sewing

Nature / Mini Beasts 

  • This is a fluid activity depending on the time of year. This may involve looking for insects using bug catchers, making daisy chains, leaf collecting and identifying. It involves the children getting outside and getting mucky – wellies in winter will be required!


  • Pupils undertake the Orley Farm Sports Leadership course culminating at the end of the 5 weeks with a visit to a local primary school to hold a lunch time sports session for Year 3/4 pupils.


Students will be assigned a class for the five weeks

  • Reading with them / activities in yard
  • Eating lunch with them

Chicken Husbandry / Animal Care

Fundamental skills required for the basic care of animals.

  • Habitat and feeding
  • Handling animals