Thinking Skills

We have worked over the past few years to develop a Thinking Skills programme that develops the children and staff as individuals and equips them with the life skills required to enhance their well-being and future opportunities.

Imaginative, innovative, intellectually curious problem solvers – don’t grow in to creativity, they are educated out of it.

Sir Ken Robinson

Traditionally school has been about the input of data and the acquisition of knowledge. However, in changing modern times knowledge is easily accessible but the ability to use it, to adapt and to exploit opportunities is what can make the difference.

School should provide the safest place to get things wrong and pupils should be presented with activities in which they have a 50% possibility of failure.

Too often we are ‘safe’, we judge children on whether they were correct or incorrect. Learning is about so much more. Sir Ken Robinson (educationalist) stated that:

We need to teach children how to think. Knowledge is cheap, but what they do with it is invaluable.

It is our duty to provide children with these skills and our programme of: curiosity, focus, risk-taking, creativity, good judgment, initiative, flexibility of mind, empathy, resilience and ambition aims to inspire and provide pupils with future proof skills for life.