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Year 7 History & Geography field trip


On Tuesday, Year 7 visited Windsor Castle for a joint history and geography field trip.  Despite arriving in fog, it was a bright and crisp day and we were just in time to see the Changing of the Guard.  The children were amazed by the band playing, the marching and how still the guards stood!  The castle itself was equally as impressive.  The highlights included Queen Mary’s dolls house, seeing the actual bullet that shot Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and Henry VIII’s armour.  After lunch, we hit the streets of Windsor to look at the different types of shops that can be found in the town.  The children’s focus was to look at the impact of the tourism industry in Windsor.  We timed getting back to the coach to perfection, as it then started to pour with rain and lightning flashed across the sky – perfect for the day before Bonfire Night!  More on this story can be found on the intranet under the History tab.

Zoe Cregor