Aims and Values

Orley Farm School: Aiming for excellence in all we do!

For our Pupils: We aim

  1. to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which all children enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential
  2. to create a challenging environment in which to stimulate lively and enquiring minds
  3. to guide our pupils to become increasingly independent learners who demonstrate application, perseverance and initiative in their studies
  4. to provide opportunities for all pupils to live out the School’s Values and adopt them as values for life

For our Staff: We aim

  1. to appoint, develop and retain a dedicated and high quality staff to support all aspects of the School’s life in line with the School’s policies and procedures
  2. to run and manage the School well in order to provide the best facilities and support for all those who work and study here

For our Parents: We aim

  1. to develop a strong and outward looking school community of pupils, staff and parents in which mutual respect for all is encouraged
  2. to communicate regularly and openly with parents in support of their child’s learning and development


Children and staff throughout the whole school have together agreed the values shown below. At Orley Farm School we aim to:

Treat others as they expect to be treated
Be honest with ourselves and others
Be kind and helpful
Do our best to be our best selves