Aims and Values

We took the old school aims that were divided into headings for pupils, parents and teachers and asked the school council to review them.


The pupils came up with 3 definitions for the pillars that support this school and having taken them to the governors, we are excited to be adopting aspirational aims that have been written by our pupils for everyone in our community!


It is quite a privilege to watch a team of children across ages come together to question, shape and create statements that will define our expectations for the years ahead!

Orley Farm School: Aiming for excellence in all we do!


To provide opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, locally and globally and to be reflective, responsible and self-aware, embracing the school’s values in order to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.


To provide a creative, balanced, stimulating and unique curriculum which encourages skills and pushes mastery of knowledge, allowing everyone to explore their learning in a safe environment that values progress and growth through both success and failure.  

To create broad opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, that develop a range of individual and collaborative interests, including sport, music, drama and the arts that will fuel enthusiasm for learning and offer life choices well beyond our time at Orley Farm.



Children and staff throughout the whole school have together agreed the values shown below. At Orley Farm School we aim to:

Treat others as they expect to be treated
Be honest with ourselves and others
Be kind and helpful
Do our best to be our best selves