Design Technology


“I made 5,127 prototypes of my vacuum before I got it right. There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That’s how I came up with a solution. So I don’t mind failure.”

“The key to success is failure… Success is made of 99 percent failure.”

“We always want to create something new out of nothing, and without research, and without long hard hours of effort. But there is no such thing as a quantum leap. There is only dogged persistence—and in the end you make it look like a quantum leap.”

 “In order to fix [something], you need a passionate anger about something that doesn’t work well.”


There is no better subject than Technology to allow children to explore, make mistakes, develop their understanding of the world around them and at the same time be creative.

Technology at Orley Farm School is an extremely popular subject and with fantastic facilities and brilliant resources, we are able to expose our pupils to processes, machines and materials very few Prep schools can.

Jacques du Plessis

Head of Design Technology

In Pre-Prep, a range of projects are completed which are linked to the term’s topic. The children are taught the process of designing, making and evaluating at the end of each project. Pupils develop their skills such as cutting, cooking, joining, testing materials and working on mechanisms e.g. pneumatics. Projects are planned to encourage creative thinking and often involve working collaboratively within groups.

In Year 3 and 4, pupils are taught Design and Technology as part of the Creative Curriculum.  They will design and make products related to their termly topic.  Pupils are very early on exposed to CAD by using 2D Primary.

In Year 5 – 8 pupils are taught by a subject specialist and projects become much more advanced and specialised.  Pupils are exposed to all aspects in Technology from using Resistant materials, Textiles, Computer Aided Design, Electronics and Programming microchips.  Projects include a torch, electronic die, stereo amplifier, desk lamp, sock monkey, pencil case, mug and coaster, pewter casted pendant, fridge magnet, ball bearing game and many more.  Pupils are encouraged to take a more riskier and independent approach with their designs in Year 7 and 8.