Orley Farm has evolved since September 1850 from a boarding school for boys preparing for Harrow, to a co-educational, vibrant, day school that specialises in preparing children for their own journey through life.

In 1984 the Official Grant of Arms was awarded.  The arms and crest have three historical sources: (1) the stag holding an oak leaf is the Trollope family crest; (due to the renaming of the school in 1862 to that of the book of the same name written by Anthony Trollope describing the buildings owned by the family and occupied by the school) (2) crossed arrows and a silver laurel wreath are included on the Harrow arms, and (3) the “Hurst” of oak trees on the shield and sprig of oak in the badge refer to the Gardner family.  The motto, Haec cogitate., “think on these things”, comes from St Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Having had only 10 Headmasters in its 170 years the school maintains a family feel and has a warmth that we hope you will experience for yourself when you visit.

The School community is proud of the journey Orley Farm has made since its beginning but without the vision of Edward Ridley Hastings, the patronage of Samuel Gardner and the dedicated support of generations of staff, parents and pupils none of it would exist today.