Open Day – a remote visit!

Dear Parents,

We want to create a virtual way for you to have an insight and flavour to Orley Farm School. In putting this together, I am so aware that I cannot introduce you to the actual heartbeat of our community, our pupils and staff but I have endeavoured to convey some of their stories – it’s a very strange thing to operate a camera and talk to myself but I hope this gives you a sense of the Orley Farm Way!  However, I have saved the best until last – archived footage from interviews with pupils!

There is a series of videos below that are topped and tailed with a welcome from me, outlining our collective vision as well as a conclusion with a very simple take home message about ‘success’.  In between, I have visited specific locations around the school to share a simple story linked to that space.  As I say, if this were the Open Day that we intended, you would have been hearing so many other stories directly from our pupils and staff – but hopefully 500 pupils and 140 staff will be back on site soon!

Welcome & introduction to Orley Farm

I am so aware that you are only hearing from me so I have managed to upload a series of archived interviews with the pupils that were made at the end of each academic year as part of their graduation – whilst interviewing them, I have always taken their inspiration to build the theme for that year as we meet on the final day up at Harrow Speech Room to say our formal and final goodbyes, here are some of their stories:



Thank you for your time and interest in Orley Farm and we hope this virtual visit has offered you a tiny glimpse into our stories, dreams and aspirations as an extraordinary place of love and learning!

We hope to see you when we return to a more recognisable routine but for now we all hope that you stay safe and well.

Kind regards,

Tim Calvey