Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked ‘WHY?’ ~ Bernard Baruch

Science is everywhere! Because of this, our approach to teaching this subject is multi-sensory, incorporates a range of learning and teaching styles from Reception to Year 8 and relates topics to everyday situations experienced.

Good science education at Orley Farm School is a vital preparation for scientific literacy in later life.  At the same time, as well as preparing the pupils for secondary education, it may produce future specialist scientists, technologists and engineers.

Stavros Chatzianastasiou

Head of Science

At this early phase in their education, pupils are encouraged to develop their: curiosity; sense of awe and wonder; and thinking skills.  Work is recorded using a mixture of photographic evidence, pictures, drawings and writing to act as an aide memoire.

Building upon the Pre-Prep success, the pupil’s investigative talents are developed further by transferring their skills into one of the two laboratories from Year 4, to be taught by subject specialists.  This extends and develops their inquisitiveness and investigative skills.  As the pupils grow in confidence, they record their work using video diaries, performing to the rest of the class, writing and drawing.

The emphasis at this stage is heavily, but not exclusively, based on secondary school entry.  The development of self-confidence and independence, whilst introduced at a much younger age, is more prevalent now, enabling the pupils to cope with the unexpected and be prepared for future challenges.