Computing is now an essential life skill and is of increasing importance in the modern world. At Orley Farm we are dedicated to providing children with the experiences and skills necessary to effectively use information technology throughout their school lives. From the Early Years, all have access to a range of equipment including PCs, iPads, Raspberry Pi, programmable toys and digital cameras.

All children receive at least one formal Computing lesson a week, and by the time they reach the top of the school they will be able to complete such tasks as editing photographs, graphic design, writing programs using Scratch, Kodu and Python, and building complex spreadsheets to name but a few. Our pupils will leave Orley Farm with an in-depth understanding of how IT can be used across the curriculum and also, importantly, a fantastic appreciation of its role in society today.

We offer a range of clubs and hobbies tailored to every year group, in what is one of the busiest areas at the heart of the school.


Zac McAllister

Head of Computing

Throughout the early years, your child will initially engage in confidence building tasks that will allow them to develop an understanding of how technology can enhance their curriculum. By the time your child moves up to the middle school, they will have experience of basic computer programming, image manipulation, word processing, desktop publishing, email and much more.


Here the emphasis is on providing your child with a broad range of experiences and skills that they can utilise with confidence in other areas of the curriculum. They will become familiar with a range of hardware and software, and complete projects that include spreadsheets, computer programming, graphic design and photo editing.

The focus in Upper School is to not only develop your child into a confident digital user but give them the skills and opportunity to become confident digital creators. By the time your child reaches upper school, they will be ready to tackle large and complex projects. From graphic design and image manipulation to complex spreadsheet systems and high-level textual programming, your child will gain a broad digital skillset that will stand them in good stead when they make the transition to their senior schools.