Time to relax is vital and at Orley Farm we consider playtime to be an essential part of children’s well-being. From Pre-Prep up children are taught the playground rules of safe play and the Buddy Bus Stop is a fabulous way of ensuring no one is left alone.

Children are able to enjoy the grounds and equipment is provided to encourage team games and group play. The table tennis tables are always busy and Fives is a playground must!
Equally, quiet areas are also provided for those who want to sit and chat rather than a run around.

Many pupils choose to participate in activities during breaktimes, however we try to ensure they all have some unstructured time during the week to play and have fun being children.

Pupils are fully supervised by staff at breaktimes and lunchtimes so they always have the opportunity to talk to an adult should they so wish. Our senior pupils also provide a wonderful service of duties to engage with pupils and encourage appropriate interaction.