Pastoral Care

‘The Orley Farm Way’

Three core pillars drive through the heart of the school ensuring pupils have a balanced approach to their school life.

Hand in hand academia, co-curriculum and pastoral care form ‘The Orley Farm Way.’ They are woven into the fabric of the school and the exceptional pastoral care that the school provides enables children to foster a strong sense of ‘self’, ‘belief’ and ‘purpose.’

Form teachers offer the first point of contact for pupils and parents.  Every class from reception to year 4 has an additional, appropriately trained professional, in their class to support.

Pupils in years 5 to 8 see their form teacher three times a day and, in addition, have a form tutor attached to each class.  The pastoral care teams monitor academic progress as well as being concerned for the personal wellbeing of their tutees. The form teachers are supported by a wider pastoral team which includes the Year Group Lead, Heads of House, the School Counsellor and the Deputy Head Pastoral, who has overall responsibility for pastoral matters.