Three core pillars drive through the heart of the school ensuring pupils have a balanced approach to their school life.

Hand in hand ‘Academia,’ ‘Co-Curriculum’ and ‘Pastoral Care’ form the Orley Farm Way.

Discreetly they are woven into the fabric of the school and the strong Pastoral Care that the school provides enables children to foster a strong sense of ‘self’, ‘belief’ and ‘purpose.’

Our pastoral care programme is delivered through form periods, PSHE, assemblies and enrichment programmes and is simply known as ‘The Orley Farm way’.

We place a great deal of emphasis upon the Form Teacher relationship and every class from Reception to Year 4 have an additional, appropriately trained professional, in every class to ensure that pupils have access to adult support.

Pupils in Years 5 to 8 see their Form Teacher three times a day and, in addition, have a Form Tutor attached to each form group. During these periods form teachers develop and nature unique relationships with their tutees reinforcing the good and addressing areas for concern to ensure each pupil is being the best they can be. The Form Teacher also delivers our unique PSHE syllabus through weekly timetabled lessons.

Pupils are encouraged to speak freely to anyone in the Orley Farm family and recognise our unique HELP document at the school

‘Who to turn to in a rainy day’

The Pastoral Programme is overseen by the Head of Pastoral Care and a team of Year Group Leaders.