House System

Our House system is built on community and strong healthy competition.

In Pre-Prep, pupils from Year 1 are allocated to whales, tigers, pandas or elephants and they will belong to that House until entering Middle School. At this point they will enter one of 4 houses named after former Headmasters; Hastings, Hopkins, Broadrick or Julians.

Each term there is a closely fought House Competition. This is decided through a strict ratio of effort scores, house points and a number of sporting and artistic competitions. The final total is a closely guarded secret against pupils and staff!

Houses meet regularly to talk about coming competitions, to celebrate individuals who are contributing well to the house and to reinforce their own identity in which individuals can find another ‘team’ aspect to school life. Housemasters and Housemistresses lead these meetings supported by a Head of House and two Deputies elected at the start of each year.

The House system has the added benefit of bringing all ages of the school community together and our unique vertical mentoring programme enhances the bond and the responsibility of the older pupils to be role models and to care for the younger children in their house.