Boys’ Games and Sports

With superb facilities of over 36 acres immaculately maintained by our grounds staff, Boys’ Games has long been an outstanding and very successful part of our school. In Years 3 and 4 (Middle School), boys are exposed to two 45-minute lessons per week and this increases to a minimum of three 45-minute lessons from Years 5-8 (Upper School).

Taught by an extremely passionate, dedicated and skilled set of staff, there are over 200 competitive fixtures every year against other schools as well as entry into National competitions in the major sports of football, rugby and cricket. Each term, every boy in Years 3-8 represents the school in these sports. Additionally, we run Inter-House competitions in all major and several minor sports as well as annual Sports Days and Swimming Galas.

We host two annual football tournaments and two annual cricket tournaments (both at U13 and U11) as well as an annual basketball tournament (U13). These tournaments have a great history and have been running since the early 1980s. Additionally, we enter other schools’ football, rugby, athletics/cross country tournaments and events. Outside of term time, we have run many sports tours (as well as ski trips) including football tours to Holland, Germany, Spain and Italy, a football/rugby tour to Ireland and a cricket tour to Barbados in 2018.

Stephen Bloom

Head of Boys’ Games