Boys’ Games and Sports

With superb facilities of over 36 acres immaculately maintained by our Grounds Department, Boys’ Games has long been an outstanding aspect at our school. In Years 3 and 4, boys are exposed to one and a half hours of lessons per week and this increases to a minimum of two and a quarter hours per week from Year 5 upwards. Taught by an extremely passionate, dedicated and skilled set of staff and with over 200 competitive fixtures every year against other schools, plus Inter-House competition in all major and several minor sports, there is opportunity for all boys to represent the school during the course of the year. In addition to this, we host two football tournaments, two cricket tournaments and a basketball tournament (the first of these starting in the early 1980s), as well entering other schools’ football, rugby and athletics/cross country tournaments and events. Outside of the constraints of term time, we have run Sports Tours (including our annual ski trip) to Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland with a cricket tour to Barbados on the horizon in April 2018.

Football is the main sport in this term. At U8 and U9 level (Years 3 and 4), we have teams ranging from A-D level and all pupils are involved in fixtures; at Colts level (Years 5 and 6), we have teams ranging from A-E level; and at Senior level (Years 7 and 8), we have teams ranging from 1st XI to 4th IX level. Team sizes increase in number in accordance with the FA and ISFA guidelines as they move higher up the school. We have two 11-a-side pitches and six 7-a-side pitches in use during this term.

Rugby is the main sport in this term. In addition to this, boys have the opportunity to compete at two other schools’ annual Road Relay and Cross Country events as well. Back to the rugby… at U8 level, boys play TAG rugby in 7-a-side teams before progressing to contact rugby from U9 level (9-a-side) and beyond. At Year 5, we have U10 teams from A-C level playing 8-a-side and at Year 6, we have U11 teams ranging from A-C level playing 9-a-side. In Years 7 and 8, boys move up to 12-a-side with teams ranging from 1st XII to 3rd XII. We have two main pitches to accommodate 12-a-side rugby as well as gridded areas for smaller sided games and tuition.

Cricket is the main sport in this term. However, with such fantastic facilities at our disposal, boys also have the opportunity to take part in athletics, tennis and swimming during their games lessons. At U8 and U9 level, boys are introduced initially to the Orley Farm Sixes format before progressing to 10-a-side pairs cricket using Kwik Cricket equipment and windballs. Depending on the rate of their individual progress, boys move on to ‘hard ball’ cricket from the start of Year 5. At Colts level, we have teams ranging from A-D, whilst at Senior level, we have teams ranging from 1st XI to 3rd XI. We have two main cricket squares, one with an artificial wicket, six cricket nets (one of those being indoors) and extensive playing fields and the astroturf for regular practices.