The Mathematics Department at Orley Farm School provides its pupils with a solid grounding in the subject.  We not only successfully prepare pupils for the various entrance examinations of senior schools, but also encourage them to appreciate the inherent beauty of the subject as well as see it in the context of its many real world applications.

The boys and girls are taken beyond the confines of the curriculum through involvement in various competitions such as the Primary Mathematics Challenge and Junior Mathematics Challenge, attendance at talks given by senior school teachers and participation in our annual Mathematics Day.  We want them to enjoy their study of mathematics and find it fun and rewarding as well as challenging!


Karen Harrison

Head of Mathematics

Mathematics in Pre-Prep is very practical. We believe it is vital to build a strong foundation in the earlier years to ensure children are prepared for further challenges as they move up through the school.

Our Mathematics lessons are a mixture of fun and appropriate challenges for each individual child. It is also important for children to apply the skills and concepts they have learnt. Therefore, problem solving and mathematical investigations are woven in to our maths curriculum. Our aim is to support children to become confident risk takers and enjoy all elements of mathematics.

Challenging, engaging, practical’ – three words that sum up what Maths means to a Middle School pupil here at Orley Farm. With a subject so varied, we provide the children with a range of investigations and tasks which give them the platform to develop their confidence with number, shape and everything else that this wonderful subject encompasses.

Maths classes in the Upper School aim to build on the foundations already established lower down in the school.  Pupils are encouraged to build upon concrete mathematical skills, already learnt and develop strategies to deal with the more abstract questions that appear on Senior School entrance exams. Undertaking Mathematical Challenge questions allows the pupils to broaden their experience of maths and encourages independent thinking.